Fall Frenzy!

There is nothing like waking up and walking outside when the crispness of the air grabs you, leaves are slightly blowing across the ground like cartwheels, and the neighbor’s bonfire aroma drifts by making you dream of marshmallows. I can see some of you cringing as you read this and picture your puffy North Face, packed snow boots, and constricting ear muffs. But relax, because me on the other hand, I see pumpkins on doorsteps, cute new stocking caps on little kids, and my bank account decrease a little from a new pair of Uggs. But really, it is the season I love the most. I spend the majority of the year waiting for this bliss we call fall time. When I no longer sweat walking to my car, coffee warms my face, and working out fits back into my schedule. There are so many great things that happen, and no I don’t just mean peppermint mocha’s and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. Fall is the start of so many exciting things!

First and foremost football, there is nothing like cooking a big pot of chili, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, or morning tailgating. You can spend the entire day watching game after game and nothing forces you to step away.

Next, Halloween! While I have never been crazy about the scary parts (I don’t do haunted houses, masks of villains, or gruesome decorations) I love pumpkin patches, cider mills, trick or treating, and carving. When I was little Mom and I used to clean out the pumpkins and she would wash, salt, and bake the pumpkin seeds in the oven. Little did she know I didn’t really swallow the seeds, I didn’t want pumpkins growing in my tummy, and honest to goodness I had that fear! Sorry Mom, I wasted some food.

Then we have photography, who doesn’t love a picture where they are surrounded in crunchy leaves? The trees are beautiful and kids don’t mind if you burry them, they just smile and laugh the entire time. The morning fog tops the frosted grass and creates this serenity of landscape where all you do is think about things.

If I had to pick my favorite thing about fall it would be KU’s Late Night in the PHOG. Fall for me is the start of basketball season, my absolute favorite time of year. I keep a countdown of how many days are left until my Jayhawks take the court. 11 days remain for any of you wanting to test me. 🙂 There is nothing like it: the thrill, the excitement, the records, the tradition, everything! I won’t touch too much on this because coming soon I will have an entire blog or 15 dedicated to the Hawks! For now I will say fall brings the great sounds of ROCK CHALK.

Finally, fall to me is the start of so many memories, families getting together for the holidays, good cooking, Christmas shopping, and my second favorite season winter! So, I hope you all enjoy this time of year as much as I do!


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