Trick or Treat

A lot of people think Halloween is only for little kids, so they can dress up and collect candy. But, boy did Lawrence prove that wrong – a lot of adults in strange costumes going door to door for free goodies was the norm! I found a lot of humor in this, well besides for the clown that scared me half to death. But, I don’t think Halloween is just for little kids. I probably get as much good out of it as anyone, and it is a holiday that I try to make last for as long as possible. This year was no exception, and I would say one of the better Halloween’s I have had in a long time. A few weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch and walked the fields until we found several pumpkins and gourds we couldn’t leave without. I had never seen so many interesting pumpkins. They had all different shapes, colors, and sizes, my favorite was the cream-colored pumpkin, it reminded me of Cinderella for some reason. And, I really liked the green and white striped one, resembling a reversed watermelon.  Terrance had a blast on his search for a small pumpkin; I think he wanted one he could easily carry. Once we got our pumpkins we headed home to have a fun dinner all together. Patrick made out of this world pulled pork, legitimately better than any BBQ place I have ever eaten at. And, the pumpkins were displayed at the front door to greet me each day when I get home!

In the following weeks we did more things to celebrate the season and holiday, we baked and decorated sugar cookies. Terrance had one ball of dough that he was trying to roll out, but he added so much flour to it that ultimately he only had crumbled up balls of cookie dough remaining. Terrance, Patrick, and I decorated the cookies with icing and sprinkles. But I think T had more icing in his mouth than on the cookies – his went into a separate bag when he was finished! If there is one thing I learned from this experience it is that even with sugar-free icing, 3 year olds can still get a sugar rush. It took about an hour and a half to get him to calm down and go to bed. Another thing that 3 year olds aren’t so talented with quite yet… carving pumpkins. After 3 weeks of saying he wanted to carve a monster in his pumpkin he decided on two ghosts. However, Uncle Patrick did most of the work. All T wanted to do was poke the pumpkin repeatedly with the knife. At the end of the day, we got it carved, candle in perfectly, and he was impressed with the results. I baked some pumpkin seeds and actually ate them this time, Mom would be so proud! I also learned a new trick, well two – first, if you cut a hole in the top the candle has more room to breathe and won’t get black on the inside; and second – if you carve a notch when cutting the top off you will always know where the lid fits. This could have saved me a lot of time spinning in frustration over the years.

My work hosts a trick or treat bash every year and it never fails the single word used to describe the event is insaneness – kids running and screaming thru the halls of the building, tackling each other for dum-dum suckers, and then a free pizza party in the café. So, like years past I try to leave work by about 4 that day and miss the festivities.  Maybe when I have kids I will understand how this is fun…

Finally we have Halloween night itself, Terrance was a Ninja Turtle this year, but I have no idea which one. We had dinner together and then headed to Mass Street to hit up all of the shops with candy, much easier than door-to-door with a little boy! First stop was the fire station, and best of all. T got to sit in the fire truck and press all the buttons, turn on the lights, and hold the fire hose. I made the mistake of pointing out Woody and Buzz Lightyear and more so than the candy he just wanted to walk all over to find them. It was hilarious when he kept asking where Woody was. Trick or Treating ended a little early since he didn’t feel too well, but makes next year something to look forward too.

Halloween night ended the best way possible… a HUGE KC Chief’s win in overtime over the Chargers! Great game, great evening, and great Halloween month.  I hope yours was great as well!



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