Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It could be because of my love for food, or spending time with family, or the shopping deals of Black Friday. Regardless of the reasoning, Thanksgiving is truly important to me for so many reasons. There are countless things and people I am grateful for. There is no better time of year to think about everything I have been blessed with thus far in life than today. My first blessing this holiday was Wednesday when Tyler came home from the Air Force to spend the holiday with our family. I never realized how far away California was until someone I care so much about is so far away. Wednesday night several of us got together and went to his restaurant of choice, CINZETTI’S of course. It was great to be able to sit around and tell stories and reminisce about all of the funny things we have done together. Second blessing was Thanksgiving Day itself, which was also great to spend the day with family. My Aunt prepared food all morning and it was spectacular as usual. We ended the night with a late trip to Wal-Mart to catch some pre Black Friday deals; yes I was one of the crazy shoppers who scored a $99 Wii. But, if I would have known so many whack jobs would have been out I would have probably just stayed home. We did find some crazy people, I am just glad my Wal-Mart experience didn’t end with a gun shot or pepper spray like some other holiday shoppers. My third blessing would be shopping Friday with Patrick for holiday gifts; I get so much enjoyment out of buying things our family will like. On top of the purchases we got to spend the day doing what we wanted to do and go where we wanted to go. We got some great deals and even scored coupons from a lady at the jewelry counter just by asking.  As many of you know there is nothing I love more than a good coupon. Saturday might have been my favorite; Patrick and I picked up T and took him to Fritz’s Train Restaurant. I had never been before, but it was awesome. You order your own food and a train travels along the ceiling and delivers your food to the table. He got the biggest kick out of it and went home with a conductor hat and train whistle. The rest of the evening consisted of putting up the Christmas tree and decorations and watching a movie. For some reason doing these things makes me feel like a kid at heart and I can’t help but smile. Final blessing, Sunday morning we woke up and made turkey shaped pancakes and enjoyed the morning together before cooking our second Thanksgiving dinner. For me it was an interesting experience – even with as much as I love to cook and bake, I had never before made an entire Thanksgiving meal. It was a little nerve racking hoping everything would turn out, but I still had fun in the process. I definitely took away some pointers for next year.

Of all of these small blessings I think about how great my life is and how many things I am so thankful for. There are so many families out there who can’t afford to buy thanksgiving turkey, let alone shop for Christmas presents or buy a new outfit to wear to dinner. I am so grateful for the life I have been given. I feel truly fortunate to have a family that is as great as they are. Each one of them supports me and loves me and constantly makes me laugh. I’m grateful for my family members that are no longer here, and that I have their memories and traditions to carry on and celebrate. I’m grateful to be in a wonderful relationship with someone I care so much about, and shows me every day how great someone can treat another person. I have some incredible friends who would go to all lengths to help me, or be an ear when I need someone to listen. I have a job that pays my bills, a roof over my head that keeps me warm, and good health so far. Each of these things are priceless and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.  I hope everyone takes time to realize what the holidays are all about and be grateful for the things they have been blessed with. Be thankful, show appreciation, and celebrate.


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