Wiz the Season

Sometimes I feel like I live a life where random things always happen that would only happen in my world. Last night we got home late from the KU game and Patrick noticed a few little spots of liquid by at the bottom of the tree. Figuring Scout had gone to the bathroom ont he floor he sent him outside as punishment. Well, when I walked over to help clean it up I noticed the entire tree skirt was wet, and the puddle was way more and farther back than what Scout could have accomplished. Then, we came to the realization that LeRoy had hiked his leg on the Christmas Tree and marked it. We got a good laugh and then got it all cleaned up. If there is one thing I have learned is when chaos sets in there is nothing better than a just laugh. It really is the best way to deal with these kind of situations. Unexpected things happen, it is all in how you deal with it. If nothing else it provides a good story to share with others.


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