Be as energetic as a triple shot!

Today I was reading my horoscope and it said that I have the energy effect of a triple shot latte on everyone I meet. Which immediately sparked the question – is this a good or a bad thing? If I had to guess I would say more times than not it is a good thing. Who doesn’t want a pick me up, a smile in the hallway, a joke that doesn’t really make sense, or be greeted with a big hug?

I have always loved to make others happy and I laugh probably more than I should; but at least I am not sitting in the corner pouting. In my opinion there is nothing worse than someone who likes to be miserable, or answers a question with a negative response.  

You will never get a hello from me that doesn’t have masked excitement behind it! And, I won’t ever be able to tell a story without laughing before I get to the punch line. But, that’s me and I don’t really see myself changing anytime soon.

I think we can all make the world a more positive place one shot at a time. Oh, and just for kicks I would be a triple shot of peppermint mocha.


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