Happy Birthday Gram

What are Grandma’s for? Let me tell you… Grandma’s are there to spoil their grandchildren, give them unlimited hugs, buy them candy at the wrong times, and let them misbehave. Once we grow up they are there to continue to spoil us, begin to teach us lessons, instill traditions to be carried on, pass on family heirlooms, and still let us misbehave, well a little. Throughout my childhood I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend as much time with my Grandparents as I did my Mom and Dad. They were blessings to me, and the relationship I had with my Grandma is something I will treasure for my entire life. A little over a year ago my Grandma randomly became extremely sick and passed in about two weeks’ time. The passing of my Grandparent’s has single handedly been the most difficult thing I have experienced in my life thus far. I went through every range of emotions, and not a day goes by where I don’t miss them and wish they were still here. Today is my Grandma’s birthday, its bittersweet – she isn’t here to celebrate any longer, and I don’t know if it should be a happy day or a sad day. One thing my family always does is takes time to celebrate birthdays of family that has passed. It is a good opportunity to reminisce of old stories, share memories, and celebrate who they were.

My Grandma was an incredible lady. Among the many talents she had, her giving heart was the biggest of all. The holidays were one of her favorite times, she loved to buy presents (just didn’t like to wrap them), help families in need, and make the best Christmas dinner ever. She didn’t pass a bell ringer without giving them money, and letters would stack in enormous piles from societies, associations, and charities requesting her donations. She gave to every single one of them and always shared what they were about with others. One of my favorite memories of her is her Christmas routine. Grandma would buy Christmas presents all throughout the year and hide them around the house so my Grandpa wouldn’t add the bill up. Well by the time Christmas came around she would completely forget where she hid things, who she purchased for which person, and the amount of gifts that were purchased. When my Grandpa would leave she would put things in boxes and tell me who they were for, I did all of her wrapping. The formal living room would be completely stacked with presents that I loved to reorganize every time I was over there. (She always thought I was trying to figure out what they were, but in all honesty, I just like to move them around and make them look pretty. promise J) When Christmas morning would come we would all sit in our spots and open gifts. It never failed – I would open up a electric powered battery drill that should be for my Dad, Uncle Kevin would open up woman’s pajamas, and so on. She would hold her pointer finger up to her lips and say “Oh, I don’t think that is yours, but I don’t know who it is supposed to go to.” If one thing was for sure, it brought on a good laugh. After gifts we always ate and the meal never failed to be amazing: prime rib, baked potatoes, asparagus, salad, and rolls. Mmmm, I can taste it right now. She set out the china, polished the silverware and taught me how to set a table. She loved the traditions, using things passed down from her family, and telling stories all along the way. More than anything, she taught us the importance of holidays which is spending time with family and helping out people who are not as fortunate as ours.

Today I remember her for who she was and the positive life she lead. The lessons she taught me, the times she would pick me up, her guidance, support, love, and encouragement to name a few. She was one of a kind and the most amazing Grandma in the entire world. A pure angel, I miss you and love you Grandma, Happy Birthday!



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