Holly Jolly Christmas

After eating all of Santa’s cookies, I am a little late of my Christmas Blog! Blessed. That is all I can say after such an incredible holiday weekend. For the last few years I began thinking I had outgrown the fun of Christmas as I got older. But, this year completely changed my view and it was once again as wonderful as when I was a kid. Although I missed the pretty white flakes on Christmas morning and having Ty and Grandma Sweeten at Christmas Eve, everything else was very merry! Christmas Eve was such a nice relaxing evening with family. We ate dinner together, opened presents, and then watched a movie. Obviously I fell asleep during the movie – I don’t even remember what we watched. But, all that mattered is I was with my family and relaxed enough to be able to fall asleep on the couch. It was our first Christmas without Ty, which was an adjustment but we still had a great time. Christmas Day was the best I think I have ever had. It started with Patrick and me celebrating together with the doggies. It was perfect! We got to sleep in, surprise each other with gifts, and enjoy some half cooked cinnamon rolls. J We felt completely spoiled and I was so touched by the amount of thought that went into the gifts I received. I have never really been good at accepting gifts, I am more of a giver but I enjoyed everything so much because they were all things I really appreciated. Christmas afternoon we went to Carly’s and had a great time as well. Watching T open presents was so much fun, even though he was a little under the weather. I forget how much excitement little kids get out of Santa, leaving cookies, and waking up to gifts. We enjoyed a ton of great food and got to play with a lot of T’s new presents. We left there and headed to my Dad and Laura’s. I love celebrating with them because Laura and I are so similar when it comes to holidays – we take a million pictures, love to re-read our cards, and get so excited about what we gave other people. We were way to spoiled by them, but the best part was enjoying our traditional Christmas meal together, watching my uncle try to mash potatoes that were not yet boiled, and winding down to Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation. That movie gets me laughing every time. If nothing else, this season proved what the holidays are all about – spending quality time with family, friends, and loved ones. Laughing, sharing stories, remembering those who have passed, and wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday. I am so grateful for everything and everyone I have. I hope you all felt as blessed as I did over the holiday. Until next year, ho ho ho.


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