Take Your Child to Work Day!

In honor of ‘Take your Child to Work Day’ I thought I would share stories from two of my trips to work with my Mom and Dad. I always looked forward to this day for some reason; not just because I loved having a day off school, but I really enjoyed spending the day working with them. Now looking back I think I was more of a distraction than help! Enjoy these….

Take your child to work day memory #1 with Dad – I think I was in like the 6th grade and it was the first time I was going to work with my Dad. We spent the morning eating snacks out of one of those overpriced cardboard snack packs – the ones where you pay like 3 dollars for a snickers bar. Then, my favorite part, getting to raid the supplies cabinet! I got to pick out paper, folders, binders, pens, everything! And, I was beyond excited about that, I do love my school supplies. Well as the afternoon went on, I got a little tired of helping, and my Dad let me play on his computer. I decided I wanted to print something out I had created in Word; however, instead of making one copy, somehow I made 100 copies. The printer was going on forever and I didn’t know how to stop it. Computers were still fairly new back then and I thought I was going to be in a lot of trouble. So, I went back and was pushing all kinds of buttons trying to stop my print job. Instead, I learned how to make copies and thought it was appropriate to make copies of my hands, face, and arms… I mean, what kid didn’t think they were really being sneaking by doing this? It was like bragging rights as a child. Not sure if my Dad knows about all of that, but just to be clear, it was defiantly one of my prouder moments.

Take your child to work day memory #2 with Mom – I cannot remember how old I was this time, but when I was young my Mom cleaned houses during the day. And, even though I had been to work with her a million times, I still jumped at any opportunity not to go to school. Well, this time we just so happened to be at one of her more picky client’s houses and I loved to vacuum… I have issues, I know.  I was vacuuming like crazy and I apparently got too close to the phone cord because the next thing I knew – I heard this big snap and all the sudden the chord came out of the wall, flying in all directions, and the vacuum started making this loud noise and smelling of smoke. Come to find out I had complete ruined their phone jack and vacuum. I have since improved my cleaning skills!



Almost Summer Time

For all that know me I really am a fall girl at heart: I love the cool temperatures, fall/winter sports, holidays, bonfires, coffee, and chili. But, I can say I love that we have had a spring this year! Finally… Spring seemed to skip Kansas for the last 2 years, so it is nice to be able to enjoy once again what spring has to offer. Nothing is better than to get off work and be able to head to the golf course and enjoy a round.

This year I am looking forward to the summer, not so much the sweating, but I am ready for all that it has offer! We have some awesome vacations planned, the lake has been calling my name for months, and hopefully I won’t be the only person sipping on Bud Light Limes! I can’t wait to blog about all of the fun things to come!

 Bring on summer break. Oh wait, I don’t get one of those anymore. Happy Summer to you All!