South Dakota Trip 2K12


It has been a while since I have blogged and most of the reasoning is I have been so busy! I have wanted to get something out about our family vacation to South Dakota since we got back last Saturday. Overall the vacation and time away from day to day stress of work was nothing short of amazing. We were in South Dakota and Minnesota for 7 days total, and to avoid an 89 page blog I thought I would hit on some of the high notes of the things we enjoyed.


This was my first ‘fishing trip’ I have ever been on, so I was not completely sure what to expect. Laura and I didn’t fish as much as the boys did, but we still joined from time to time. We fished off of the docks every night, but the times out in the boat were the best! I was able to catch my first walleye! To many of you that may not sound that exciting; but for me, this is something I tried to do with my Grandpa Bob for years at the Lake of the Ozarks, and I was never successful. Patrick caught the biggest walleye I had seen in person, at 21 or 22 inches – I can’t remember the exact measurement, but I promise I’m not telling a ‘fish story’ on this one. We were able to catch walleye, bass, perch, and even a few bluegill. ‘Fern Fish’ seemed to be the most reoccurring! What is a Fern Fish you ask? Well, Big Stone Lake is a natural lake and full of tons of plants and natural growth. Somehow, we seemed to get large amounts of the plans wrapped around our hooks on practically every cast. And I agree we Lucy, I felt like we were fishing for salad. With all of the fish we were able to have a fish fry/bake, and even managed to take a good amount home as well!


Taking time away from fishing we also attempted to hike, we walked around dead end trails for a good hour and a half. We found a lot of leads, but couldn’t quite figure out where the true path was. We still managed to get in a good walk, but never found a true trail. I guess at least we avoided the ticks!

Golfing always seems to be a family favorite. One morning we went to Ortonville, MN and played 18 on their course. It was beautiful! There were trees, lake views over the cliffs, and perfectly landscaped and trimmed greens. It was a lot of fun, and Patrick and I managed a win over my Dad and Laura! On the drive home we also stopped to play putt putt at Pirate’s Cove in Minnesota. Patrick got 2 hole in ones, Dad got 1 hole in one; but I still managed to get the ‘W.’ None of us had played putt putt in years, but it was an absolute blast.Image

I can’t even describe how pretty the sunsets were. Since we were so far North, we had a lot more daylight than what we were used to in Kansas. And the sunsets were just breathtaking. There was love in the air as the pink, purple, blue, yellow, and orange stretched across the entire lake. They were one of my favorite things to watch a night.


I think one of the best things we did was make a stop at the Rum River. This is a place that my Dad and Grandpa used to visit when they would go on fishing trips. They originally loved this river because it is clear so you can see the bottom and all of the rocks when the sun is just right. We got some good pictures, took some rocks home for our gardens in remembrance of my Grandpa. It was a very neat thing to do as a family.

More than anything it was so refreshing to be away from home for a little while, not watch TV, keep the computer closed, and leave my cell phone behind. It was total relaxation and the perfect setting to enjoy family and friends. It reminded me of what life is all about, family, friends, love, fun, and enjoying the things that you work so hard to be able to do. It is exactly what I needed. I can’t wait to go back!

If anyone wants a good family vacation, I would highly recommend – Schmidt’s Landing on Big Stone Lake in South Dakota.