Happy Birthday Grandpa!

It seems crazy to think my Grandpa Bud has been gone for three years now. It seems like yesterday we were giving the world hell one day at a time. When I think about him so many things run through my mind. But mostly, his unending love, desire to have things done right…the first time, and a wildly inappropriate sense of humor. I was truly blessed in my life to have such great grandparents. I got to spend more time with them than I think the average kid gets too; they play such a critical role in who I have become as a person. For that, I am eternally grateful every single day. The last three years have been different that is for sure, and I would give anything to be able to sit somewhere and joke with him or listen to him tell me stories I already heard, and that is not an Alzheimer’s joke.

For anyone who knew my Grandpa I am sure they could put together a few choice words. But, to me he will always be one of the most incredible men I have known in my life. Even from when I was little he was that Grandpa that taught me my first cuss words, inappropriate rhymes and jokes, and encouraged me to stick my tongue out when I didn’t like an answer. Of course I got in trouble for all of those things on more than one occasion, but it was still fun in the moment and memories I will have forever. In all fairness, he did teach me some of my less desirable qualities; but at the same time he taught me the importance of earing a dollar, working harder than anyone else for that dollar, and sharing the dollar I earned with those in need. I mean the man would pay me a dollar to go and get the mail and then turn around and pay me another dollar to get the newspaper – if that isn’t hard work I don’t know what is! In all seriousness he proved how hard he worked every day and he was so charitable with his money, when someone needed help he was the first one to offer help, not just financially but with his blood, sweat, and tears. He was a man who protected and stood up for his family at all costs, he believed the world should operate in a way that was fair for all, and he would never call a repair man to fix a thing.

One of my favorite memories with my Grandpa is something that seems so trivial I’m sure, but for me it is a memory I won’t ever have with another person.  Their house was a long ranch style and every time I went there I would walk up to the window behind the porch swing and look in, straight in front my was my Grandpa’s recliner where he would always sit. He would see me and we would both stick our tongues out at each other. From outside I could hear his footrest collapse and we would race to the front door, and he would greet me with a huge hug. Something so small, but something I always looked forward to. To this day I can still hear the sound of my head hitting against the window, the sound of his recliner footrest going down, and the grandfather clock shaking from his running while we hugged.

To this day the thing I admire most about my Grandpa was the relationship him and my Grandma had. They are the perfect example of a successful marriage, for 53 years they loved each other, built an amazing life and family full of love. They gave me so many memories and were the perfect example of what wedding vows should be. The things they went through and the tough times they had were completely outweighed by their accomplishments and the legacy that carries on. I always respected how much they loved each, but that they were never afraid to give each other a hard time.

I am so grateful for the memories I have and the stories I can tell. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss my Grandpa, or something doesn’t remind me of him. Tonight we are celebrating his birthday with a country concert and some cupcakes. I got to put flowers out at the cemetery yesterday, and even though he thought flowers were a waste of money I hope there are a small example of how much I miss and love him. Happy Birthday Grandpa.

Love always, Heather Renee


One thought on “Happy Birthday Grandpa!

  1. Your Grandpa Bud was so special. There was never a dull moment when Bud was in the room. I loved him. Every year around Christmas when i would stop by he would say come back here and get your Christmas present. He would go to his dresser and pull out fifty dollars and give it to me. I tried to refuse it and he would say you will always be a part of this family. You are Heather’s mom and we love ya. Bud always made you feel special. Thanks Bud for being the best grandpa!!!

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