Moving Right Along

Moving, arg…. For the last month we have been moving and shaking all over the place! We were able to get everything packed up, labeled, and moved. As well as cleaning the old place, making some updates, and finalizing the transition. I don’t know who these 3 Men and a Truck think they are, but who on earth could ever enjoy moving people for a living? It is a pain to say the least, nothing about it is fun, well – other than getting to reorganize things and put items in new spots.  It probably didn’t help that we have been doing all of this during the hottest time of the year! Every day we moved things it was above 100 degrees. Not exactly my cup of tea…

The last couple of days Patrick has spent a lot of time building shelving in the garage! I will be the first to say it looks amaze! (pictures to come!) I tried to help as much as possible, but building things isn’t exactly my forte – but I will say I excel at keeping us hydrated, fed, and holding a Band-Aid close by! We finished getting everything out of storage last night, so now we have to start all over at unpacking again. In time, it will all be done and so worth it!

I think it is interesting the difference between girls and guys when it comes to moving and unpacking! I feel like Patrick takes pride in what the garage looks like, everything having a perfect place, and filling in blank spots with any new tools. Me on the other hand, the kitchen was the first thing I unpacked, and I can’t wait to get pictures hung on the walls. I guess that is what makes us such a great team.  Sooner than later the place will start feeling like home.

Regardless of where we are, or how many boxes are all around us, it is the family we have created that will make it feel like a home. I would say Leroy has really adjusted well. He did make sure he marked the hallway the first night, he caught his first rabbit in the backyard on Sunday (which Terrance got so excited about because he thought that meant we were going to cook rabbit it for dinner – but that is a whole other story!) and he loves walking the neighborhood!  

Updates and pictures to come, I am sure in no time we will have a master plan on what we want to update and change, Patrick will bring the skills and I will bring the powerade!


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