Chicago! Day 1

We just finished a crossword and are sitting here sipping Starbucks from a comfy hotel bed, life doesn’t get much better! What a fabulous day we had yesterday! We arrived in Chi -Town around 2:30 and it took forever to get our bags, so rather than trying to deal with The L we opted for a cap to get us downtown. Who knew traffic could be so heavy at 3 in the afternoon; regardless we made it and are so excited to see what the city has to offer!

After we checked into the hotel we decided to grab some food. At this point we were starving! Luckily, being in the heart of downtown there is amazing food surrounding us. We went to Gino’s East (which came highly recommended from many of you) it is literally .02 miles from our hotel. Who knew that a deep dish pizza could take over an hour to cook? We were so hungry we decided to go with the thin crust pizzas. To my surprise, they had Gluten Free crust! I was so excited, it was decent, but we are in Chicago and next time I am going for the real deal. We both got Italian sausage, as I had heard that was what they were famous for. The taste was pretty good, but I have a feeling there is better pizza out there. We also had salad and bread sticks, which were great! The best part of Gino’s was the atmosphere. I love a place where you can write on the walls, floors, tables, chairs – anything that makes a place look like it has some history! The music they were playing took me back to middle school and that was awesome – who doesn’t love a little Spice Girls to improve their day? I would rate the atmosphere an eight out of ten, and the food a six out of ten.

After eating we came back to the hotel and got ready to go to The Second City Comedy show – another highly recommended event. We saw “We’re All in this Room Together” it was hilarious to say the least. They did a three part show which lasted close to three hours. Where can you go for three hours of entertainment for $23 a ticket? The actors were awesome and the show was about modern day technology and social media. They did hilarious skits about everything from going to your high school reunion and comparing how people act compared to their facebook profile, to coming out to your parents and then gay marriage – and no joke they pulled a guy out of the audience to be the second groom, and even news reporting about serious world issues which were cut off for breaking news about things in life that don’t really matter (like Jersey tan mom and what the Kardashian’s are doing – you all know I loved that!) and more! The final set they did was complete improv which suggestions from the audience – so funny, the actors are truly talented, I have no idea how they do what they do. I would rate this nine out of ten – yes it was that good. I highly recommend this show to anyone who comes to Chicago!

Pictures of everything to come after the trip comes to an end. It is time to get ready for another great day in the windy city!


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