Chicago – Days 4 and 5

I am a little behind on blogging for the final two days of our vacation to Chicago! I guess you could say I have been a little pre-occupied! But, the last two days were by far the best days of our trip! The weather was finally gorgeous and we were able to spend time outside pretty much all day.

Day four was my absolute favorite day of the trip! As you all know how it ended (and I will blog separately about that) it was just an all-around beautiful day full of Chicago fun. We started the morning going to Eggsperience Café downtown – and it was fabulous! I had an omelet that had at least 12 eggs in it, and Patrick had the best looking eggs benedict that I have ever seen. After breakfast we went to Navy Pier for pretty much the entire day. We were able to walk up and down the pier – which was packed, check out spectacular views of Lake Michigan – which is almost a turquoise colored ocean, watch sailboats and ships float in the wind, and smell all of the Chicago food! The only thing I wasn’t able to accomplish was getting Patrick to ride the extremely tall Ferris wheel! We stopped to have lunch at The Patio – divine, I must say. Have you noticed a theme here – we ate the entire time! We sat outside on their patio and enjoyed a light lunch and some drinks as we watch the crowds walk by. Chicago is such a busy town, so it was nice to just sit and relax and have a calming day. During lunch I found out what I thought would be the best news I would get that day (Patrick had been teasing me for weeks that we were either going skydiving – no thank you, or parasailing – which I could handle. When I started asking tons of questions he finally told me that we were going SAILING! For those of you who don’t know sailing has always been a dream of mine! I was so excited I teared up a little – it was such a thoughtful gesture and something I have waited my entire life to do.  We went and got a bottle of wine and some beer and headed to the sail boat! The sailboat was amazing to say the least – it is the most calming and relaxing thing you will ever do. Being on Lake Michigan is the best part of Chicago by far. You are able to look onto a city that is packed with chaos and noise and it just stands still, postcard perfection. The sail boat was a three-hour trip from 5 – 8, which means we got to be on the lake for sunset. Of course the ending was amazing; I will save the details for my next blog! After the ride we went to RPM Italian – the restaurant I was most excited for! For those of you who don’t know I love Giulliana and Bill Rancic – they just opened up this restaurant a few months ago, and they were the first reservations we made for our trip. It was some of the best Italian food I ever tasted! We got a bottle of wine, a delicious bruschetta appetizer, lobster ravioli and spaghetti and meatballs, and two – that’s right – two desserts – cannoli’s and figs! It is a really modern restaurant, every detail was perfect! A great last dinner to end our trip, and I even got a re-tweet from Guilliana telling us Congrats on our Engagement! J

Day five was great, even though we had to leave. We got up early and packed our bags and headed off to eat. So many people had told us that eating at Portillo’s was a must! Wow, were they right! You walk into a building and it looks like a giant food court with endless options. There are so many choices from hot dogs and sausage to pasta, BBQ, pizza, and Italian beefs. We both got jumbo hot dogs and sausage dogs – so good! It was a fun place, quick, cheap, and the food is good. After that we took the L (much easier this go around) to see the Buckingham Fountain and The Bean. Both must see pieces of art when you are in Chicago! The fountain we would have liked to see at night while it was lit up, but we just had so much going on that during the day was the only time we could get there. I can’t even begin to describe how big it is. People gather around, it is just breathtaking – another very relaxing and calming feature of busy Chicago! After seeing our last bits of tourist hot spots we got our bags and headed towards the train to go to the airport. Trading trains with luggage should be illegal – thank God Patrick is the master at carrying bags – I have no idea how he carried two 50 pound bags and his carry-on up and down the stairs and off an off the subway – but it another reason why I love him. Ready for the chaos to begin – we literally were 30 seconds away from missing our flight. Apparently at O’Hare Airport you have to arrive a minimum of two hours before your flight leaves in order to board your plane. We went to the wrong place a couple of different times and got denied when we tried to do the self-check in because it was only 1 hour prior to our flight. We had to go to the counter to get an exception to get on our flight, where we were greeted by another ultra-friendly Chicago lady – “And why were you late for your flight today?” Lucky for her we needed to board the plane or else we would have to wait on standby until the next day, so we refrained from making any rude comments back. We had to speed through security where another rude worker was cussing and yelling about people going the wrong way.  As soon as I saw our gate and no one left in the seats I knew it was time to pull out the Home Alone moves. I started running when they were making the final call for Patrick and I to board over the intercom. Thank God we made our flight – I am sorry to the three people at the counter on standby who thought they would finally get to leave Chicago. Our bags, not so lucky, they had to wait and come on the later flight. But, we made it home safely! My Dad and Laura picked us up and we went out to dinner and then back to the Airport to get our bags!

Our trip came to an end quickly. It was such a great time, a little crazy at moments, but it had a very very happy ending and something we will remember forever.  One thing is for sure, we were happy to be home to the smiling KC faces! If anyone is going to Chicago anytime soon, let us know we can for sure make some great recommendations!


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