I’ll have a small chocolate shake please…

Life always seems to remain interesting in our household. Last night we went on the exciting 2 hour Wal-Mart adventure (all do to my price matching and couponing) and by the time we were done we were exhausted and hungry. Patrick mentioned how good a McRib sounded and all I really wanted was a chocolate shake – super healthy night, we know! Regardless, we pull in the McDonald’s drive thru and across the menu is a sign that says, no joke: “chocolate shake machine broken, sorry no ice cream.” I encouraged Patrick to go ahead and order his food, I would be fine.

A few blocks down the road I asked him to change to the right lane (Sonic was approaching) so I could order a chocolate shake – I must have really wanted one badly. Of course, embarrassed because all we had with us was our debt card which means the carhop would get no tip. So, I thought it would be smartest to just go thru their drive thru lane so the carhop wouldn’t have to do much work, and we could just pay with our card. Well, news flash even in the drive thru at Sonic they still walk out to your car, and they actually have to go back inside to run your card and walk it back out. So, after about 10 minutes of waiting, she did double the work for no tip. But I will add a small chocolate shake at sonic is almost $4. Insanity. I hope they pay their carhops well.

We drove home and I insisted Patrick just go ahead and start eating and I would put the groceries away so his food wouldn’t get cold.  I set my shake down on the stairs and (being the sweet man he is) he still helped me unload everything from the car and brought it up to the kitchen. I put away the groceries and was ready to head downstairs to enjoy the shake that was so hard to get. Getting ready to walk down, I noticed Leroy was on the stairs, which was strange, because he is normally right by one of our sides – especially if we have food. As I got closer he looked at me and ducked. Yep – he was enjoying my chocolate shake (I know I know, my fault for putting it on the stairs) and the funniest part is Sonic has the dome lids so he was having a really hard time maneuvering around that and the straw. Luckily – sonic only filled it like ¾ of the way full and Leroy mainly removed all the whipped cream – which I don’t really like anyway. The huge bonus, and saving grace; I had already eaten the cherry on top – my favorite part! He scurried downstairs to hide by his Dad and I spooned the top layer off, and yes I finished my shake.

Morals of the story –

1. Don’t leave food on the stairs when you have a dog that thinks they get human food any time they want, with no remorse

2. Eat healthy and this won’t happen

3. If you can’t tip at Sonic, borrow a friend’s car so your food is spit free on your next trip

4. Coupon and price match at Wal-Mart we saved almost 30 dollars in coupons, and about 50 dollars due to price matching! Grand total – $80 in savings!

5. Find a man as wonderful as mine who still carries in all the groceries and offers to help put away even though he is starving and his food is getting cold


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