I am a happy person because I wake up every day and decide I am going to be happy. That’s right, I decide I am going to have a good day, I am going to laugh, and I am going to help others have a good day! Everyone has the choice to be happy every single day. Life is too short to spend your time being negative, complaining, and being in a bad mood. Let go of those things, they only weigh you down. In case you haven’t yet today, take a minute and smile!


Our busy, but fun life!

It has been a while since my last blog, but most of that is simply due to being so busy! Time just flies when you are having fun – isn’t that what they say? So here is what we have been up too lately…

Well folks, we are about five and a half months away from wedding bells. I literally cannot wait, did you get that? I.CANNOT.WAIT. I have some relief due to the fact that we have most of the big things accomplished or checked off the list – Venue, Photographer, Florist, Caterer, DJ, dress ordered, and so on. Now it is time for the smaller details and fun things to start coming together. At the end of the month we have our engagement pictures, I cannot wait for them! It took us several months to pick the perfect photographer, and we feel so confident we will love our pictures! The only real source of stress right now is our venue isn’t currently, well, um, built. There I said it; they are still in the process of building the location where our wedding ceremony and reception are taking place. We are hopeful that everything will work out and the construction will be completed by August! Other than that it has been fun to talk about the details and the special things we can incorporate into our day! The most important thing, we just cannot wait to be husband and wife – after all, that is what it is all about. I can’t wait to share some more details later – but not too many, we want you all to be surprised!

Now, let’s talk some puppy love – who doesn’t love a little cuddly, chubby, sweet little white lab with the cutest face, biggest paws, and darkest eyes?! On Valentine’s Day, Patrick surprised me with a puppy! I know for many they think pets don’t make a very good gift, but for me, it was beyond perfect! I have wanted a white lab my entire life and we had been searching for about 6 – 9 months for the perfect addition to our little family. I love him so much, Patrick likes him so much, and well Leroy, is still adjusting! 😉 But, I have full confidence that in time Leroy will come to love his little brother, ha! We gave him the name ‘Tahoe’ and so far he has been such a great little dog. Of course, we have to constantly watch him, he is always biting something, he’s always hungry, and he could drink an entire 5 gallon bowl of water if we let him. So far he is really good at ‘sitting,’ but we are still working on adding other talents to his command list. But all in all, he is the perfect pup! I almost forgot to mention, he is growing like the speed of light, maybe someday they will have something that keeps them smaller for a little longer! Hopefully the weather will cooperate a little more in the following weeks and we can start leash training!

Speaking of the weather – hello, what on earth is going on? It is almost Spring Break time in Kansas and we still have like a foot of snow on the ground in a lot of places. Now, I love snow more than the average person, but the fact that it waited until February and March this year to snow is a little of an annoyance! After all, I like to hear Christmas music while it’s snowing! Just when I am ready to sit on the deck and eat some grilled hot dogs and enjoy a summer flavored beer, there are massive amounts of snow coming down. We have spent a great deal of time in the last couple of weeks, shoveling, making doggy bathroom paths, working from home, and well – I have been getting driven around – which I have to admit, I could get used too. I will say potty training a small puppy isn’t the easiest when they can’t find any grass within a 100 mile radius.

Another milestone – Terrance, our nephew turned 5 years old! I cannot believe he is so stinkin’ old now. I feel like he just keeps growing, maturing, and learning all kinds of things (some good, and some not so good – haha). He is such a fun little boy and always makes us smile. Last weekend we threw him an Angry Birds birthday party at our house! We had a pasta bar for lunch, played pin the tail on the angry bird, and had an ice cream bar where he was so excited to have so many toppings to pick from. It was a fun day filled with family, laughter, and love; and it was so special to me to see how excited an innocent little kid gets over things like games, candles, presents, making a wish, and the happy birthday song. One of the neatest things for me was, at the end of the evening we went out of the deck and released all of his helium balloons into the sky. As T said “we are sending the balloons to heaven, so they can celebrate my party too!” This was something special I did as a kid, and I still remember to this day being so amazed by how long you could see the balloons in the sky and how they got smaller and smaller as they floated higher. It was such a surreal feeling, that I wanted him to have as well.

Next, has anyone ever heard of a thing called March Madness?! Well, in our household the rest of the world kind of comes to a halt for March Madness, particularly, KU basketball. We love it and are guilty of planning our days around the game schedule! We made it to one game so far this year, but it was a pretty special one to say the least. We got to see Mario Chalmers (one of my favorite players) get his jersey retired at half time, there were a lot of previous players in attendance, and it was neat to be a part of more KU history. If you have not been to Allen Fieldhouse, let me just tell you, it is the single best venue in collegiate sports. It has more tradition and history than any other basketball venue in the country. It gives me goose bumps, makes me tear up, and makes me cheer pretty loud! We are hopeful that KU can secure their 9th straight Big 12 Championship on Saturday! Rock Chalk!

Other than that we are busy with the day to day life – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – cleaning and laundry, working and having fun, and so much more! Even though life can be busy it is important to continue to celebrate each day, enjoy each other, and as the great Coach Jimmy V said – you must do three things each day in order to have a fulfilling life – laugh, cry, and think.