Spring/Summer Bucketlist

A couple of years ago I made a bucket list for my life: things I want to do, see, try out, and experience. So far, I have completed a couple of them!  But, I recently became inspired to start a bucket list for the spring/summer as well as the winter/fall season. Living in Kansas, people always claim they are bored or there is nothing to do. But, as I started making my spring/summer list, I realized, we really have several things to do, it is just a matter of getting them done!
Above and beyond all, getting married is the number one thing on my list, we have 122 days to go, and even though I am not fully organized or prepared I cannot wait for the day to come! I wish it was tomorrow!
I believe creating a list of anything positive will always bring some joy to your life. Here is a sneak peak of my list, feel free to borrow any of my items to put on yours. My list will be hanging on my fridge, and I will highlight the items I complete!

Summer 2013 Bucket List
1. Get married to the Man of my dreams!
2. Pick blueberries from a berry patch
3. Go fishing
4. Have a picnic at a park, on a blanket, with an official basket
5. Make smores’ over a fire
6. Go to a Royals game
7. Go to a T-bones game
8. Go to a farmers market
9. Enjoy a day of live music at a winery
10. Go camping for the weekend
11. Beat my parents in our golf tournament
12. Plant some veggies and herbs, and keep them alive
13. Try a new summer drink recipe
14. Go for a bike ride
15. Drink coffee on the deck in the morning
16. Take the doggies on a morning walk before work
17. Enjoy a happy hour on a patio
18. Take a hike at a nearby park or trail
19. Take a weekend get-a-way
20. Wash the car in the driveway
21. Take T to the lake to go swimming
22. Go to the arboretum
23. Take a friend or family member a potted flower or plant

Happy Bucketlist Making!


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