Thankful for Changing Seasons

As I sit out here on my deck, watching my little furry children annoy each other, I can’t help but be thankful. I am thankful for so many things, but most importantly this incredible life I have been blessed with. My Husband is out of town on a family guys golf trip, so I for sure am missing him like crazy. But, at the same time it makes me realized how lucky I am in life every day.

Now, for Changing Seasons…

This is the first morning this year to really feel like fall outside when I woke up. I immediately opened my windows, I am drinking coffee outside in a sweatshirt, and I even pulled out my slippers – I know, a little extreme. But, I am ready to ditch the flip flops for the year! Fall is by far my favorite season – I love everything about it! The crisp cool air, the deep colors of brown, orange, and red, the smells of pumpkin, cinnamon, and bonfires, the excitement of football and basketball, and of course the holidays! For some, sitting on a beach and hearing the waves it totally relaxing, don’t get me wrong – I do enjoy that – but, nothing beats sitting outside and feeling the wind sweep by you while the crunchy leaves tangle together. I could go on and on all day about the many reasons why I love fall, but my point now is how thankful I am to live in a state where I get to experience every season of the year.

Kansas to many is a boring state, but to me there is no place better (well maybe Colorado 🙂 ) to live. I think a lot of people take for granted how wonderful it is to live in a place that is fairly relaxed and and still get to enjoy each time of the year. I am not a fan of the hot humid summers, but becuase I experience that I am so thankful for the cold winters. We get to experience and see everything living here. Could you imagine living somewhere that it didn’t snow for Christmas?! Or, where you couldnt roast smoores without sweating? And at the same time you can go to the lake on a summer weekend and enjoy a boat ride or being in the water? And, we all know nothing beats an outdoor family BBQ! We can do everything here!

My favorite part about the seasons changing is that it always gives me time to reflect and refresh. When I start to get burnt out on work, or tired of running our air all day long to stay cool, and so on – the seasons change! New projects start flowing in, we can open the windows in the house, and I can drive around with the windows down in my car singing George Strait loud enough for everyone to hear! But, the point is, living here, I never feel like life gets stale, there is always a change! And, for that refreshing change I am grateful.

Today I will enjoy the weather walking outside with a good friend, and then doing some baking! Two things I love to do – I can’t wait to share what we decide to bake!