Writing this section is always the most difficult part for me. Mostly because I always use too many words and I explain things with entirely too much detail. But hey, that is what makes a good blogger right? I guess I always fear that I will leave out something vital about my life and people won’t have a true understanding of who I really am, in the event I forget to tell them a fact like I love salsa so much I eat it with a spoon. So, while you are reading, keep in mind, this description is, but not limited to who I am as a person! I hope you all contain your excitement while you read!

I am me and that is for sure, there is really no getting around it. I believe I am a good person with a loving heart. I laugh at everything, always try to make everyone happy, and make light of any bad situations. I am full of energy and excitement, and I usually make a lot bigger deal out of things than they truly are. But, that is all because I love and enjoy life beyond anything else. There isn’t a reason to live if you plan to be gloomy all the time. I take time to celebrate anything regardless of its importance; I get so much pleasure out of rejoicing in life’s simple pleasures. Those are the things that keep me going! There is nothing like waking up to a note left from someone special, getting coffee on a crisp afternoon, or smiling at someone in a store who doesn’t expect it. To me, life is about being happy and enjoying the time you have.

Honestly, I often believe I am like no one else… I don’t know anyone who hits every red light while driving, trips, falls, and hits their head on stationary objects, wears different socks every day, or messes up the words to every song. Yet, regardless of how many times I try to correct these actions, the results remain the same. But, those are just more things about me that make me who I am, so I accept it. I love my family and my friends more than anything, and I would go to any length to help them or make them happy. When I love it is with my entire heart and then some, I get so much good out of making someone feel special. I have the most amazing man to share my life with, he is thoughtful, he is loving, and he has a strenght that blows me away. I love KU Basketball, music, reality TV, clipping coupons, working out, updating my Facebook status, drinking coffee, stalking celebrities, and putting on chap stick just to name a few of my favorite things. I am fairly old fashioned; I love to play games with family and friends, celebrate the holidays with a ton of people, and cooking up a storm. If I could do anything for the rest of my life it would be to travel, there is nothing like the relaxation of vacation and getting to experience new things.

Now that you understand a little bit about my personality, I guess I could explain how I got the way I am. Born an only child, I grew up with a strong sense of independence and stubborn will. But I learned young how to love and respect those around me. My family did a great job of instilling the important values into my upbringing. I was remarkably lucky to grow up with the unconditional love of my parents; I also had the best Grandparents a kid could ask for, and an amazing extended family. We are the kind of family that says I love you before we get off the phone, hugs as soon as someone walks in the door, and the first one to arrive when boxes need to be packed for a move. I grew up learning to always strive to be better, learn more, and grow into someone you will be proud of.  These things all make me who I am. I would like to believe I have embraced many of my family’s qualities into whom I am today.  I have my Dad’s sense of humor, my Mom’s story telling fabrication ability, the hard working gene of Grandpa, the giving charity heart of my Grandma.  Regardless of how ridiculous some of it is, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.  I have learned so much in my short life up to this point, some things I will never forget, and others that have forced me to learn lessons earlier than I would have wanted. I got the opportunity to go to the same high school as my parents, live in the house my grandparents built, be the first college graduate on either side of my family, develop sibling relationships with my cousins, speak at my Grandparents funerals, find my prince charming, and make a difference in the lives of a few people. At the same time, I have lost people I didn’t think I could live ever live my life without, watched a disease put an end to life of the strongest man I know, take care of my Grandma in the final weeks of her life, and forgive when I didn’t think I needed to. All of these things have made me stronger and formed who I am around my experiences. I have lived my life wanting to take care of other people and I don’t think that will ever go away.

I graduated from Emporia State University with a Bachelor’s in Communication and a minor in Spanish. However, my entire life I dreamed of becoming a Sports Broadcastor. I wanted to be able to sit side by side with Max Falkenstien; and do radio play by play; for KU. But as we know, life isn’t always what we want it to be, or what we predicted. I enjoy my current job and do photography on the side. Taking pictures is something I have enjoyed since I was little, I don’t think I will ever lose interest in doing it. I love to write, I read when something interests me, and I’m not too old to color in a coloring book. I love to tell stories and I am beyond sentimental to say the least. I like to remember the positives in my past and share them often.  

My life became even more blessed when my best friend turned into my boyfriend, now my fiance, and soon to be my husband. I can’t describe how wonderfully different life becomes when you get to the happiest place you have ever been. He is the person I want to spend all my time with, I look forward to embrasing each other every time we come home, I enjoy sharing our dreams, planning for our future, and I love the simple things like doing his laundry and cooking him dinner.

Since we never know where life will take us, all I can hope for is a happy ending; my perfect partner, healthy kids, crazy pets, and enough money to be comfortable. But, as long as I have my family and friends around me I know I will be happy. I know there is a happy ending for everyone and while I like to plan a lot of things, my ending is something I want to just let happen. I am optimistic my plan includes good things, a few speed bumps I am sure, but in the end I am optimistic I will be happy with the outcome.


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