For me photography has always been a way to express myself and do something I love; as well as, hopefully give others something they can remember and cherish forever. Taking pictures is a way for me to release so many feelings, and I love giving people images to remember certain parts of their life. Towards the end of high school I began taking pictures for fun, and soon the list of jobs started stacking up. By the time I was in college I took a couple of courses in photography and realized I wanted to take something I loved and make it a part-time job. I quickly began photographing everything I could; people, pets, sports, literally anything. My favorite sessions had always been senior pictures. I get so much joy out of spending time getting to know one individual and really capturing who they are, and having a little fun all at the same time. Recently, I fell in love with shooting weddings; being part of the beginning of two people’s lives together is so special. I love to encapsulate everything from tradition and candid to photo journalism.  I would love nothing more than to be able to share something I have so much passion for with you!

*Amber and Ava – One of my favorite things is having the opportunity to catch children when they are young, and in their natural state. This was the first time Amber and her daughter had professional pictures taken together. Too bad we picked the hottest day of the year. Little Miss Ava G did fine until after about 30 minutes when she decided it was much to hot to do anything but play in the water. Smiling, looking at the camera, and not crying were all challenging points of the morning. But, have you ever seen a more adorable Mother/Daughter combo?

*Little Miss Abbey – Let me clarify for all – Abbey is 5 going on 25. We had a fun day walking around Historic Stilwell and Heritage Park! If there was ever a child that liked to pose it would one hundred percent be Abbey. She did a great job and was ready to smile at any moment in time. I even found out that Justin Bieber is her boyfriend.

* Stephanie, Jeremy, and Baby Aytes – What a gorgeous day outside, and such a fun moment to spend with this expanding family. I was so happy to be able to have time with them and capture such an important moment in their life. They are such a beautiful couple, I can only imagine how precious Baby M will be when she arrives! How adorable are these baby shoes they brought?

*Terrance Woods – Nothing is better than taking pictures of someone you love so much! Here are a couple of snap shots of T on Easter at the Park!

*Thomas and Tina Wells – If rain is a sign of luck on your wedding day then Tina and Thomas will be married for eternity. Mildale Farm is an incredible local location to get married. I had the opportunity to spend the day with this couple and celebrate the beginning of their life together. We dealt with the on and off rain and a critical downpour. The couple ended up being able to do the majority of their pictures outside. It was a remarkable day with a lot of love being shared.

*Andrew and Andie – I am pretty sure we decided to do pictures on the hottest day of the summer. Other than the intense sun everything turned out wonderfully. I enjoyed photographing a couple that is so naturally in love and great to be around. It was refreshing to be able to photograph these two being themselves. I wish them all the best and congratulations on their upcoming wedding!

*Sarah and Jacob Wolf – I had the opportunity to travel to Creede, Colorado and photograph the wedding of a longtime friend Sarah. There is something so special about depicting a wedding of someone you have known for years. Sarah and I went to school together from second grade through college. This has to be one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever shot. They had every detail planned to a tee, and so many special touches that made the wedding week spectacular for the entire family. Their love truly showed and was celebrated that weekend. Creede was an incredible place to take pictures, the small downtown area, surrounding mountains, and green fields full of flowers made the perfect backdrop.


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